You are currently viewing GLITCHWORDS Issue 1

by Pascale Potvin


Here our Walled Women Editor reviews GLITCHWORDS Issue 1!


Premonition, Stephen Jackson


What a clever use of “can”, overpowering an expected “could”; it has one imagining the tense situation surrounding these short lines.


On Cruelty, Lilia Marie Ellis


I particularly enjoyed my sink into this poem. Is it a baby being referenced, here? A dislike for one’s baby? A cruelty in the self?


Staticked, Pippa Russell


Ah, yes… playing with the TV static, becoming disappointed when the image takes back over the area of imagination—which is always brighter and fuller.


been feeling, Meredith Phipps


I much appreciate this vividness; “been feeling” is a great title for the work, since it turns an initially internal affair into a raised-hairs type of experience for the reader.


missing the mark, Makaila Aarin


The last line in this poem is, as it should be, its most colourful. Has the partner of this cheating woman noticed the shade of pink, not quite familiar, and ended their relationship hence?


Or maybe, instead, the lipstick simply expired?


Drizzle, John Grey


This piece excellently conveys a feeling of being forever on-edge, the one enforced by cult leaders and mental illnesses alike (and is there a real difference between the two dictators?)

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