About Us

Like the city of Lahore that houses the past and present, indigenous and immigrants, The Walled City Journal is an umbrella beneath which lie its Literary Review, Walled Women Magazine, and an online blog for individuals to raise their voices and express themselves.

Our History

The Walled City Journal originated from The Walled City of Lahore; the rich and prestigious Mughal capital.

History is evident that the walls around this city that acted as a carapace protecting the rich architecture, heritage and citizenry in it, by the looks of its posterity, it seems that they also served as an impediment to the ideas of revolution and change. The Walled City Journal aims to connect the centuries old history of the city through old-style flipping magazines with not just newer means of communication but with long-awaited newer ideas of change.

The Journal’s Founders, like the Founders of the Walled City, are in the process of navigating their way through the broken yet stable walls of adulthood. While the fortified city has decayed and left behind the gates still standing erect, its history shall echo through the art of its people.

The journal aims to represent the Walled City in its originality. In opposition to surface level content about the gristly taste of “Phajjay ke Paye” and the grandeur of Badshahi Masjid, we aim to shed light on the underlying social and cultural threads woven through the wonderful history of the city and publish the pages of history imprinted on its buildings, monuments, mosques and maze-like network of streets. We aim to discuss Lahore and its people holistically, and their relation to the outside world.

The Walled City did not keep its inhabitants in the closed borders of its walls but Lahore expanded tenfold outside of it. Similarly, this project is not limited to promoting a single city, but aims to start chapters in places of historical importance around the world in near future.

Moreover, we house artists and content writers from around the globe covering news, social issues, happenings and updates worldwide. We want to reach people who have not yet started creating and expressing themselves.