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Censorship, particularly the censorship of written works, is a contentious andcontroversial issue. While some may argue that censorship is a practise that stems frompowerful institutions and one that disregards many fundamental human rights, most notablythe right to free speech, others argue that censorship is justified by the ostensible“protection” of the general public and that censorship […]

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Arundhati Roy is an icon. She is an Indian author best known for her contribution to literature and activism. Her novel ‘The God of Small Things' won the Man Booker Prize for Fiction in 1997. Her words are mesmerizing and powerful. Here are five recommendations to read if you’re new to her work!

By Rida Akhtar Ghumman

Today, in an almost post-pandemic world – “they” say the vaccine will probably make her way to us besotted Lahoris soon – I am trying to write one research paper after another. Academia has its way of alienating us all, pitting one against another, into buying fancier vertigoes. Looking at deadlines, remembering what it was […]


Puerto Rico, an island in the Caribbean, is a US territory which means that Puerto Ricans are Americans. However, the islanders cannot vote in presidential elections because Puerto Rico has not been declared a state. There is a lot of debate on whether it should become a state or become independent. That is a discussion […]


In our hyper-consumption based societies, it’s always smart to raise a skeptical eyebrow when you hear organizations make claims of how they’re “doing their part” in the quest to “save the Earth”. But when companies invest more time and money on marketing their products or brand as “green” rather than actually doing the hard work […]


Student loan debt has increased to a trillion dollars and it just keeps increasing. A lot of students are graduating from college with debt. College is very expensive. Tuition and college expenses keep increasing every year. Many students take out either federal loans or private loans to help pay for school. When they agree to […]

Tips to Ace Your Next Interview

Job hunting can be tiring. Especially when you’ve applied to multiple platforms, and haven’t heard back from them. It is disheartening to receive a letter of rejection from a platform you’ve wanting to work at for so long. However, it is similarly overwhelming to receive a request for an interview from a company that will […]

our chemical hearts

Krystal Sutherland’s “Our Chemical Hearts” is a young adult novel about first love, grief, broken hearts, school, friendships among other teen related themes.