Black refugees have been arriving at the US-Mexico border seeking asylum in the US. They make the trip traveling to South America and then travel to the US. Cameroon is one of many countries hit by war and destruction causing many people to flee. A lot of Cameroonian refugees are seeking asylum in the US. […]


by Pascale Potvin   Here our Walled Women Editor reviews GLITCHWORDS Issue 1!   Premonition, Stephen Jackson   What a clever use of “can”, overpowering an expected “could”; it has one imagining the tense situation surrounding these short lines.   On Cruelty, Lilia Marie Ellis   I particularly enjoyed my sink into this poem. Is […]


by Pascale Potvin Just in time for my favourite season (the spooky one), NO CONTACT Issue 12: Tricks and Treats links to the chuckling “Six Feet Apart and Six Feet Under”, then follows with other wonderful oddities in poetry, prose, and lots of in-between.   Six Feet Apart and Six Feet Under, Sophia Frank (Bonus […]


perhappened mag, as always, never fails to raise awareness about current issues around the globe. For this issue, reader Idowu Odeyemi sheds light on the police brutalities in Nigeria. Learn more through this link provided by perhappened. That said, let’s dive into issue 5 – LIGHTS OUT. SECTION i: creature fear Rising on the Nothing […]


It’s November, and the air seeps in through cracks in the windows. I’m bundled up in my blanket, listening to songs from my half-broken handsfree. I hear my parents talking in Punjabi in the living room. They’re discussing the photos they’ve put up on the walls; my late grandfather and a six-month-old me. I smile. […]


3 years ago, as an excited college student with a space to call my own, I decided to decorate my room with caricatures, lights, and words that inspire me to work hard. I spent an entire weekend scourging for postcards I had found at unlikely places, photographs of friends I had made in my first […]


For many of us – even most of us – dieting, the goal of losing a few pounds or attaining ‘body goals’ has been a regular part of life. Maybe there are times when it’s more frequent – like as we approach summer, or around the holidays and big life celebrations – but it’s something […]


Gothic Literature has influenced numerous contemporary films, books, tv shows, and aesthetics, such as Crimson Peak (2015), The Haunting of Hill House (2018), and Stranger Things (2016-). The aesthetic of the Gothic is dark, eerie, and unsettling, yet so many are drawn to it. This article will illustrate a brief overview of the gothic literature […]