Daniel Fuller

Absence, Mvmt. 2

Each autumn, I allow the sun to make me sad,

turn each of its feeble, yellowed strands about my fingers


so that it might call to mind those rare occasions

on which there is dusk enough in my heart


to bear the hollowness of everything else.

So much amongst those false springs


in Sydney, and now here as I drink

and try too hard to make you laugh


—I miss that. Last night I wore the sound of rain

to bed, despite which I often woke


wrapped in such awful things, and the sky was green

with the smell of unroasted cherries.


So in the absence of the rusted mist

and sharing anything with you today


I allowed myself a little sorrow.

Daniel Fuller

Daniel Fuller has been writing poetry since the age of 12. Born and raised in the UK and currently living in Oslo, Norway he draws inspiration from land and country as well as the deeply personal and relational. His work has been published in Rust + Moth journal and Creeping Expansion, and was shortlisted in the 2020 Bridport Prize.