Walled Women Magazine

Walled Women Magazine is home to a yearly-curated collection of poetry, prose, photography, digital/print artwork, and all the in-between of these categories about the women experience. 

We want to give voice to the stories and art based on the experiences that women have faced in the recent events of our world. We want art that makes us feel something, and writing that is thoughtful-provoking and powerful.  

Submissions closed right now.

Submission Guidelines

Only women can submit to this magazine. We do not accept pieces that marginalize communities or engage in promoting any one of the negative -isms (e.g. racism, sexism). We accept work that’s close to your heart, moves you, allows you to love yourself a little bit more. We reserve the right not to accept submissions that we feel do not fit with our values or believe would find a better home elsewhere. 

We accept simultaneous submissions as long as you inform us upon acceptance from the other magazines immediately. We do not pay as we are just a startup, but we will proudly act as a platform for you to showcase your work (both in our magazine and on our social media accounts). 

Our reply time is 1-2 months after your submission date. Kindly wait till you hear back from us before submitting again.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at walledcityjournal@gmail.com



1-5 poems, all in the same doc with clearly stated titles


1-3 fictional/CNF/hybrids, must be under 1000 words with clearly stated titles


1-3 pieces, must be under 1000 words with clearly stated titles & contain cited references


1-5 digital/print (scanned clearly) pieces in .jpf, optional write-up about the creative process 


1-10 pieces (in series or individual) in .jpf, optional write-up about the creative process 


Issue 1: Voices Against Sexual Violence is out now.