Kerry J. Bell

Is That Alt-right

Is it Alt-Right with you, if I ask for equal pay

Or does that only work if I’m a white-woman or gay

Is it Alt-right with you if I say #metoo

Or does the colour of my skin have to be of a certain hue 

Is it Alt-right with you if I tell you the truth

Or will you spin this in the media and call me nasty or uncouth

Is it Alt-right with you, if I just sit here in this chair

Without anyone asking me if they can touch my hair

Would you ask Queen Elizabeth if you could touch her crown

Or do you ask only ask the people who are Black or Brown

Is it Alt-right with you if I use the word no

Or will it trigger you, no I’m not your nigger, who you chew

Up and spit out. Lights out

For the innocent you shoot up at a supermarket, a fair, a show

The white-man’s rage is a pandemic, 

Your hatred for me systemic

We fielded your tobacco

Whatever happened to reaping what you sew 

Is it Alt-right with you, if I speak eloquently

Or have I disappointed your expectation of me 

To speak colloquially

Is it Alt-right with you if I mention you’re on stolen land

Mayflower pilgrimage, now a mistaken privilege

The natives even shook your hand

Let me guess, the land was a lease

Paid for monthly with betrayal and infectious disease

Is it Alt-right with you if I win at life

I’ve jumped all your hurdles and even dodged your knife

Your white privilege can’t help you beat me, you’re too far behind

No, it won’t change the outcome when you move the finish line

Kerry J. Bell

My body of work is unapologetic, unafraid and unashamed of exploring the intersections of interracial relationships, racism, sexual identity and the abnormality of societal norms.