Regine Ebner


I carved a whale bone flute for you

It plays rust and ivory tunes

from baroque centuries


It lowers bridges over seething moats

and whistles falcons

to bring messages of peace


It sails ships that carry

velvet and ginger and wine


It will play for you now,

my woodland heart,

before the jester

steals the stage

with his mirth


Then we will sing

in rococo orchestras

and play the ocarina

with laughter

and hallelujahs as our


Regine Ebner

Regine is a full-time Montessori teacher at a school she founded in Tucson, Arizona. After a solid background in various forms of writing—including plays, children’s books, and academic journals—she has returned to writing poetry with enthusiasm and joy. Most recently, her poem Gifts appeared in Sledgehammer Lit.