Sol tesfaye

prelude to a full recovery

given enough time the human body diffuses

almost entirely to sand i’m told this isn’t a

symptom that most causeless pain is the result

of simple misfires from the heat-doused brain

and this is why lightning prefers scattering

inert night why most of what should kill you

doesn’t my mother birthed a dirty cup a fault

crested with crumbs and goldenrod she asks

are you hungry i say the flies aren’t as loud as

they could be she asks are you hungry

there goes another sprig growing up i was a

constant babble fury of quarks in love on fire

but usually on fire i clutched pigeons in

kleenex and plastic feathers my skull

confessing to fantastic red ignorance back then

death rarely came closer than the sidewalk my

body an animal i locked outside the house until

it keened our names back together now even

my putrefaction bores some things do not

change i cut strawberries with a steak knife and

in dreams my joy when i realize life doesn’t

exist in that wet unremarkable sun is almost as

great as when i realize i don’t either

Sol Tesfaye

Sol Tesfaye is an emerging black poet and high school student from the American Southwest. In their free time, they can be found monologuing, eating pomegranates and sighing longingly at the sky. They can be found on Twitter @sr_tesfaye.