ISSUE 01: Voices Against Sexual Violence


Submission Close: November 1, 2020


The Walled Women Magazine is home to a curated collection of poetry, prose, photography, digital/print artwork, and all the in-between of these categories about the women experience

We want to give voice to the stories and art based on the experiences that women have faced in the recent events of our world. We want art that makes us feel something, and writing that is thoughtful-provoking and powerful. We like the raw, the intense, and the brutally honest truth. 

(Note: Although submissions are accepted internationally, please only submit if you identify as a woman.)


  • Poetry – 1 to 5 poems, all in the same doc with each of their titles clearly stated.
  • Prose/fiction – Must be under 1000 words total, each title must be clear if submitting multiple pieces.
  • Artwork (print/digital) – 1 to 5 pieces in the highest quality possible (print pieces must be clearly scanned), optional caption about the creative process (e.g.What is your connection to these photos? What inspired you to take them?)
  • Photos – 1 to 5 in the highest quality, must include a caption about the creative process (e.g.What is your connection to these photos? What inspired you to take them?) 

Please submit using this link.

Title your submission Walled Women:[Category] – [Title(s) of Your Piece] (e.g. Walled Women: Poetry – Caged Bird). If you are submitting for more than one category, submit separate forms for each category.  

Include a short third person bio (30-40 words) and one link (e.g. social media or a portfolio) that you would like us to include if your piece is selected for publication.

We accept submissions in .doc, .doc, .pdf, and .jpf (for photos only). 




Our reply time is approximately 2-3 weeks from the reading period deadline. 

We do not accept pieces that marginalize communities or engage in promoting any one of the negative -isms (e.g. racism, sexism). We reserve the right not to accept submissions that we feel do not fit with our values or believe would find a better home elsewhere. 

We accept simultaneous submissions as long as you inform us upon acceptance from the other magazines immediately. We do not pay as we are just a startup, but we will proudly act as a platform for you to showcase your work (both in our magazine and on our social media accounts). 

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at info@walledcityjournal.com