Taylor Brunson

The Tomb of the Wrestlers

           René Magritte, 1960

A brawl beyond eulogizing, love
split us like morning unfolding 
light against the wall. There is
always something to break, 
you know. Day aches to strike
each corner. All I mean to say 
anymore is that I cannot imagine 
a room without your fists. Unfurled 
by dawn, you relax as a blossom 
opening in hunger for what light 
it can find. Rouge me again
in your petaling, I will remain 
perfumed by every night before. 
Yes, your touch lingers on me 
even now. Its specter, filling the room.

The Blow to the Heart

           René Magritte, 1952 

Open-mouthed to swallow
the sun, a portrait of my heart
           confesses the unforgivable—
the hope that I could break
the earth for you, ablush
           that I would someday bloom,
cloys what little sense there is
to be made of me now.
           How I held our focus 
to all the wrong anatomy:
ovary, stigma, style. A pistil,
           the wilting my heart can do,
unpetaling over my hips. Rooted
to a precipice, I did not know
           what would bud in my silence,
thorn curled as a beckoning, a threat
yet unsheathed. What I took
           as my flowering was an unfolding
of all I have yet to apologize for.
Deadly cultivar, I ache in the blight
           of seeing myself as I am.


           after Head VI, Francis Bacon, 1949

blue          vacuum the dream of / a self
          a ringing / so dull it is nearly 
silent in the          cavity of / a mouth
a light in the cave          glow
and pain          the filter / through 
which you see          it          even happiness
has eagerness for its          own expiration
here / the dead          pass through 
the dead you / are not          forgiven

Taylor Brunson

Taylor Brunson is a poet living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Her work has recently been featured in Non.Plus Lit, perhappened, and Miniskirt Magazine. She serves as an assistant poetry editor for Four Way Review and an assistant nonfiction editor for Nashville Review. Taylor can be found on Twitter, @taylor_thefox.