iSSUE 1: Voices Against Sexual Violence

ISSUE 1: Voices Against Sexual Violence is the work of 41 remarkable contributors, 6 editors, 2 artists, and 4 directors. This Issue is filled with powerful pieces including an interview with Meggie Royer, Editor-In-Chief of Persephone’s Daughters, incredible writing and mind-blowing artwork.

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Contributors List

Jacalyn den Haan

Jacalyn den Haan is an emerging writer hailing from Vancouver, Canada and currently located in Montreal, Canada. Her poetry and fiction has appeared in Blank Spaces, SavantGarde, and EVENT magazines.

Patricia Sukore

Patricia Sukore is a lawyer, a writer and a poet. She lives in Nigeria with her husband and children. Her works have appeared, or are forthcoming in Kalahari, Nigerian Writers Publication, Icefloe Press, Barren Magazine and elsewhere.

Dua Anjum

Dua Anjum fancies herself a wishing star – that’s what her name literally means. Yet, she takes life anything but literally. For her, poetry is an attempt at understanding the chaos inside, and recently much of her writing has been about questioning the world. You can find her some of her words on Instagram at @duanjum.

Taylor Rae

Taylor Rae is a recently-reformed mountain troll who is trying out city living. She holds her undergraduate degrees in psychology and English literature from the University of Idaho. Her writing can be found at


Rushmila Shehreen Khan

Rushmila is a Bangladeshi poet, who ducks life’s incursions with asinine verbosity. Her poems have appeared on many magazines. You might find her a mathematician and writer in Italy one day in the future. Instagram: @rushmilakhans

Elou Carroll

Elou Carroll is a graphic designer and freelance photographer who writes. Her work appears or is forthcoming in Aloe, Emerge Literary Journal, 101 Words, Underland Arcana and perhappened mag. She is the editor-in-chief of Crow & Cross Keys.

Purnima Bala

Purnima (she/they) is a writer, editor, and artist from India. Her work has been published in MoonPark Review, Ellipses Zine, Mineral Lit, The Cabinet of Heed, and others. Twitter: @purnimabala

Kristin Garth

Kristin Garth is a sonnet stalker and author of eight books of poetry including Shakespeare for Sociopaths, The Legend of the Were Mer, Pink Plastic House, A Victorian Dollhousing Ceremony and Candy Cigarette Womanchild Noir. Her sonnets have stalked pages of magazines like Glass, Yes, Luna Luna, ISACOUSTIC*, Five:2:One and many more Visit her website and her tweets at @lolaandjolie

Jessica L. Walsh

Jessica L. Walsh is the author of two poetry collections and two chapbooks. Her work has appeared in RHINO, Tinderbox, Cotton Xenomorph, and more. She teaches at a community college outside of Chicago, Illinois. Twitter: @JessicaLWalsh1


I am a writer, editor, poet and translator. I am currently working towards starting a creative collaborative project with an artist on Instagram through my account


Nidhi is a self published author who writes short stories and poetry. Her debut fantasy short story collection (The Extraordinary Tales of the Fantastical Creatures in the Supreme Being Galaxy) is available worldwide on Amazon. Link:

Demetria Dawn

Demetria Dawn is a British-Filipino writer based in London, England. A lover of modern art and classic literature, her written works are inspired by angsty nuances and chaotic infatuations of the everyday. twitter: @ddtuzara

Marta Špoljar

Marta Špoljar is stubbornly alive in Zagreb, Croatia, studying translation and tweeting for The Wondrous Real literary magazine. Her work can be found in Anti-Heroin Chic, Tipping The Scales, and Novel Noctule. (twitter: @shhhhhpoljar)

Luna Yin

Luna Yin is a creative writer who currently lives in British Columbia, Canada. She credits her poetry about social justice and the female experience to a life spent crossing borders and reading books. You can reach her at @luna.y.writes on Instagram.

Carol Casey

Carol Casey’s work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and has appeared in various publications and anthologies, including The Prairie Journal, Grand Little Things, Bluepepper, Cacti Fur, Tending the Fire and i am what becomes of broken branch. Facebook: @ccaseypoetry

Beulah Vega

B.F. Vega is a writer, poet, and theater artist living in the North Bay Area of California. Her poetry most recently has appeared in The Literary Nest and ‘Fae Dreams’. She is still shocked when people refer to her as an author—every time.

Leonie Rowland

Leonie has an MA in Gothic literature. Her writing has been published by Ad Hoc Fiction, Reflex Press, The Cabinet of Heed and Horrified. She also has work forthcoming from Dreich, Emerge Literary Journal, TSS Publishing and BlueHouse Journal. You can find her on Twitter @leonie_rowland.

Divyanshi Dash

Say hello to divyanshi (she/her/hers) : a monochromatic leaves enthusiast. She is an eighteen year old girl who believes in love and kindness the most. She is an intersectional feminist who devotes a lot of time to writing and reading poetry. She’s often found journaling if not ranting about feminism and what it takes to be a woman. Instagram link:

Cyrine Sinti

Cyrine is a Writer and Dancer. She loves sharing her German and Indian Gypsy cultures through fiction. She has been published in Crepe & Penn, gal-dem and others. She can be found under any full moon surrounded by candles and flowers; telling herself this is all perfectly normal. Or online @CyrineSinti.

Louise Ashton

Louise Ashton (she/her) lives and works in Greater Manchester. Her work has previously appeared in The Bolton Review and Flash Lancaster. You can find her on Twitter at @writes_louise

Irene Cooper

Irene Cooper is the author of Committal, a speculative spy-fy novel from Vegetarian Alcoholic Press, and spare change, a poetry collection from Finishing Line Press. Irene co-edits The Stay Project. Poems, stories & reviews appear online and in print.

Liv Jones

Liv is a spoken word poet based in Lincolnshire, studying MA Creative Writing at the University of Lincoln.

Emilia LS

I am a poet and a bookseller based in London, living with my wife and our demon cat.

Mari Maxwell

Mari Maxwell writes fiction, non-fiction and poetry.Her work features in; Boyne Berries Covid Issue; Her Other Language, with Women’s Aid Northern Ireland;; Healing Words Exhibition, London, and University College Dublin’s Poetry Wall in 2018 & 2019.

Rae Matthews

Rae Matthews is a Toronto-based writer, editor, artist, and performer. Her work has been published in several online journals, and often addresses themes of trauma, feminism, and injustice.

Diana Nnaemeka

Diana Nnaemeka is a women’s rights enthusiast. She likes to think of herself as a free spirit and a lover of worlds in bits. She writes from Enugu (Nigeria) & is currently an undergrad finalist at the University of Nigeria. Twitter:

Lindsey Morrison Grant

Self-identifying as neurodiverse, two-spirit elder storyteller with deep Pacific Northwest roots, The Artist finds effective recovery/wellness in meditation, Family of Choice, artmaking, wordsmithing and grandparenting.

Marcella Green

Marcella is an artist from Pennsylvania residing in Providence, RI. She thinks of herself as a photographer who also dabbles in poetry, book design, and sculpture. She earned her bachelor’s degrees in creative writing and sculpture from Binghamton University in 2014, a Post Baccalaureate certificate in photography at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2016, and is excited to announce her recent graduation from Image Text Ithaca (their inaugural class!) where she earned her MFA in Image and Text. She works as a Print Specialist by day at a fine art printing lab and every other waking hour reading, writing, taking pictures, eating and making yummy food, and laughing with friends and family.

Wanya Hanif

Wanya Hanif (age 20) is currently doing her bachelors in Fine Arts from National College of Arts, Lahore. She did her O levels and A levels from The City School, Ravi Campus. During her A levels, she not only worked on her portfolio of Arts and Design, but also participated in several art competitions making her way to The Little Art’s “ArtBeat” through which she got her work displayed at NCA for two consecutive years and was also awarded with the honour of a 2 weeks studio workshop with the renowned artist RM Naeem. Along with that she also volunteered for Little Art’s 11th Lahore International Children Film Festival (LICFF) last year. Wanya Hanif looks at art as a freedom of human expression and has thus expressed herself in various art forms which includes her keen interest in photography and editing. Social Media:

Halin Roche

Halin Roche is a budding poet, avid reader, and a freelance content writer from Mumbai,
India. Anything and everything related to arts, literature, and music is her passion, and so is
poetry. She is the editor of her college newsletter and a Spell-Bee champ!
She has got the unique privilege to hoard cute stationery, diaries, and notebooks since
childhood. When she is not reading or writing, she does journaling and collage art. She loves
to drink tea, reminisce during the evenings, and chase the fading shadows. Halin is a
bibliophile who is lost in the fantasy land most of the time, and she doesn’t regret it!


Natalie Borenstein

Kinza Khan

i am a medical student who likes to paint and photograph. i am still discovering my style. my work can be found on instagram @ starryenderres

Adeena Farhan

i am medical student and a self taught artist who makes art for the anity of her soul. you can check out my work @ohadeena on instagram

Samira Sarin

Althea Ocomen

Neha Ahmed

Hi! My name is Neha Ahmed. I’m from Karachi. Social Media


Hey this is Faryal. Link to account: